GRP grating

Chongqing Dujiang Composites Co., Ltd. A fibreglass manufacturer of chopped fiberglass mat、fiberglass roving、fiberglass mesh、fiberglass woven roving and so on. is one of good fiberglass material suppliers. We have a fiberglass factory located in Sichuan. Among the many excellent glass fiber manufacturers, there are only a few fiberglass roving manufacturers that are really doing well, CQDJ is one of them.We are not only fiber raw material supplier, but also supplier fiberglass.We have been doing fiberglass wholesale for more than 40 years.We are very familiar with fiberglass manufacturers and fibreglass suppliers all over China.

  • Fiberglass molded grating suppliers frp grp walkway

    Fiberglass molded grating suppliers frp grp walkway

    Fiberglass molded grating is a plank-shaped material cured in the matrix of unsaturated resins including isophthalic, orthorphthalic, vinyl ester, and phenolic, with a reinforced frame of fiberglass roving through a special production process, with a certain rate of open meshes.

    Structure Of CQDJ Molded Gratings

    CQDJ Molded Gratings are woven with fiberglass roving and then cured in one piece in a whole mold.

    1.   Fully impregnation of resin with interwoven structure ensures great corrosion resistance.

    2.   The whole structure helps even distribution of load and contributes to the installation and mechanical properties of the supporting construction.

    3.   The lustrous surface and sliding surface help self-clean advantage.

    4.   The concave surface ensures a good anti-slippery function and the gritted surface is even much better.

  • Fiberglass pultruded grating frp strongwell fibergrate

    Fiberglass pultruded grating frp strongwell fibergrate

    Fiberglass pultruded grating is a type of fiberglass grating that is made by pultruding, or pulling, fiberglass strands through a resin bath and then through a heated die to form the grating shape. This process results in a strong, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant material that is commonly used in industrial and commercial applications such as walkways, platforms, and other structural components where high strength and low maintenance are required. The pultruded design provides excellent load-bearing capabilities and resistance to chemical and environmental factors. Additionally, the non-conductive properties of fiberglass grating make it ideal for use in electrical and hazardous environments.

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