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Fiberglass Rod:The glass fiber rod is a composite material with glass fiber and its products (glass cloth, tape, felt, yarn, etc.) as the reinforcing material and synthetic resin as the matrix material.

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Lightweight and high strength: The tensile strength is close to or even exceeds that of carbon steel, and the specific strength can be compared with high-grade alloy steel.

Corrosion resistance: FRP is a good corrosion-resistant material, and has good resistance to the atmosphere, water, and general concentrations of acids, alkalis, salts, and various oils and solvents.

Electrical properties:  Fiberglass Rod is an excellent insulating material and is used to make insulators. It still protects good dielectric properties at high frequencies. It has good microwave permeability and has been widely used in radomes.

Thermal performance:  It is an ideal thermal protection and ablation-resistant material under the condition of instantaneous ultra-high temperature, which can protect the spacecraft from the erosion of high-speed airflow above 2000℃.

Fiberglass Rod Designability:

① Various structural products can be flexibly designed according to needs to meet the requirements of use, which can make the product have good integrity.

②The material can be fully selected to meet the performance of the product.

 Fiberglass Rod Excellent workmanship:

①The molding process can be flexibly selected according to the shape, technical requirements, application, and quantity of the product.

② The process is simple, it can be formed at one time, and the economic effect is outstanding, especially for products with complex shapes and small quantities that are difficult to form, it highlights its technological superiority.


 Fiberglass Rod is widely used in more than ten industries related to aerospace, railways, decorative buildings, home furniture, advertising displays, craft gifts, building materials and bathrooms, yacht mooring, sports materials, sanitation projects, etc.

Specifically, these industries are as follows: ferrous metallurgy, non-ferrous metallurgy, electric power industry, coal industry, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, electromechanical industry, textile industry, automobile and motorcycle manufacturing, railway industry, shipbuilding industry, construction industry, light industry, Food industry, electronic industry, post and telecommunications industry, culture, sports, and entertainment industry, agriculture, commerce, medicine and health industry, and military and civilian applications and other fields of application.

Technical Index of  Fiberglass Rod

Fiberglass Solid Rod

Diameter ( mm ) Diameter ( inch )
1.0 .039
1.5 .059
1.8 .071
2.0 .079
2.5 .098
2.8 .110
3.0 .118
3.5 .138
4.0 .157
4.5 .177
5.0 .197
5.5 .217
6.0 .236
6.9 .272
7.9 .311
8.0 .315
8.5 .335
9.5 .374
10.0 .394
11.0 .433
12.5 .492
12.7 .500
14.0 .551
15.0 .591
16.0 .630
18.0 .709
20.0 .787
25.4 1.000
28.0 1.102
30.0 1.181
32.0 1.260
35.0 1.378
37.0 1.457
44.0 1.732
51.0 2.008


• Carton packaging wrapped with plastic film

• About one ton/pallet

• Bubble paper and plastic, bulk, carton box, wooden pallet, steel pallet, or as per customers' requirements.

fiberglass rods

fiberglass rods

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