Core tip: The window frame of FRP profiles has some unique advantages over wood and vinyl, and is more stable. They are not easily damaged by vinyl such as sunlight, and they can be heavy-duty painted.

FRP window frames have some unique advantages over wood and vinyl densities, being more stable. They are not easily damaged by vinyl such as sunlight, and they can be heavy-duty colored, making them more suitable and potentially more attractive than vinyl. Some glass shelves use solid wood to wrap the love interior so that they appear as if the wood frame. The energy efficiency of a window depends to a large extent on the integrity of the window. The insulating properties of the frame material itself are an important factor, and when the structure allows air to leak through, the efficiency of the window is significantly reduced. Wood, plastic, and fiberglass are all better insulators than metal. In terms of structural integrity, wood frames are generally effective if they have adequate maintenance FRP, FRP pultruded profiles and fiberglass frames remain in good condition.

Next, I will take you to know the types of FRP pultrusion profiles that have attracted more attention:

FRP is an anisotropic material; metal materials generally have two stages of elastic deformation and plastic deformation under the action of stress, while FRP usually has no obvious plastic deformation stage. Therefore, in the design and trial production of FRP products, the metal method cannot be used.

The process characteristics of FRP: as a composite of glass fiber and resin system, most of them are made of thermosetting resin, and they cannot be processed into various products with pipes, plates, and other profiles like metals or thermoplastic resins. Most of the glass fiber-reinforced plastics are directly made into the required products. There are many forming processes, mainly including hand lay-up, molding, and winding.


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