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Since this year, some commodity prices continue to rise sharply, including iron ore, steel, copper and other varieties of prices to continue last year’s upward trend, some hit a new high in 10 years. According to the published PMI data, the raw material purchase price sub-item rose sharply from 66.9 to 72.8. raw material price increase on the industry’s upper, middle and lower reaches of the enterprise cost, profitability of different impact. CQDJ from 2021 new contract to raise carbon fiber sales price of 20%; and glass fiber, thermosetting class direct yarn up not less than 200 yuan / ton; thermoplastic reinforced yarn, glass fiber products up not less than In the case of glass fiber, the price of thermoset direct yarn will be increased by no less than RMB 200/ton; thermoplastic reinforced yarn and glass fiber products will be increased by no less than RMB 300/ton; and the price of combined yarn and short-cut raw yarn will be increased by no less than RMB 400/ton.

Composite material products enterprises are in the downstream of the industry. For many years, the traditional market of the industry has faced the pressure of overcapacity, rising labor costs, and serious product homogeneity. Coupled with the weakening of market demand in 2021, it will be difficult for product companies to transmit the rise in raw material prices downstream, and industry profits will be damaged. According to the survey, at least 30% of enterprises in the industry are in a state of loss. Some enterprises have lowered the quality standards of raw materials, which has seriously affected the sustainable, healthy and high-quality development of the industry.

For leading enterprises with brand effect in the industry, they have obvious channel advantages and have high bargaining power in the industry chain. At the same time, the foundation laid by product diversification, differentiation and technological innovation determines the ability of cost transfer in the process of rising raw material prices. , for specific products, there is also a price increase power, and the impact on demand is correspondingly small. According to the survey, nearly 20% of enterprises have seen significant growth in profits.

Post time: Mar-11-2022