Carbon Aramid Hybrid Kevlar Fabric Twill and Plain

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Hybrid carbon kevlar:Mixed fabric is a new type of fiber cloth interwoven with the characteristics of carbon fiber,
aramid and other fibers.

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•Light weight
•High strength
•Stable quality
•Resistance high temperature
•Colorful and various pattern design
•Various carbon fiber yarn to meet your demand
•Regular width is 1meter,1.5meters width can be customized


•Fine decoration, sports equipment, auto parts, clocks and watches

Hybrid carbon kevlar specification

 Type Reinforcement Yarn  Weave  Fiber Count(IOmm) Weight(g/m2)  Width (cm) Thickness(mm)
Warp Yarn Weft Yarn Warp Ends Weft Picks
SAD3K-CAP5.5 T300-3000 1100d (Plain) 5.5 5.5 165 10 〜1500 0.26
SAD3K-CAP5(a) T300-3000Kevlar1100d T300-30001100d (Plain) 5 5 185 10 〜1500 0.28
SAD3K-CAP6 T300-3000 100d (Plain) 6 6 185 10 〜1500 0.28
SAD3K-CAP5(b) T300-3000 T300-1680d (Plain) 5 5 185 10-1500 0.28
SAD3K-CAP5(blue) T300-3000Kevlar1100d T300-3000680d Plain) 5 5 185 10-1500 0.28
SAD3K-CAT7 T300-3000 T300-1680d  2/2(Twill) 6 6 220 10-1500 0.30


·Hybrid carbon kevlar could be produced into different widths,each roll is wound on a suitable cardboard tubes with inside diameter of 100mm,then put into a polyethylene bag,
·Fastened the bag entrance and packed into a suitable cardboard box.Upon to customer’s request,this product could be shipped either with carton packaging only or with packaging,
·In pallet packaging,the products could be horizontally put on the pallets and fastened with packing straps and shrink film.
· Shipping: by sea or by air
· Delivery Detail:15-20 days after receive the advance payment

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