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Carbon fiber fabric:Carbon fiber cloth is used for the tensile, shear and seismic reinforcement of structural members. This material is used together with the supporting impregnating glue to become a carbon fiber composite material.

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•The carbon fiber cloth of our company adopts imported carbon wire, which has bright and smooth surface, high straightness, no drum, fast dipping, and saves time and effort in construction.
• Small thickness, easy to cross and overlap, can be bent and wound forming, suitable for reinforcement of various curved surfaces and special-shaped components.
•Carbon fiber has high tensile strength, acid and alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance.
• Non-toxic and non-irritating smell, construction can still be done in residence.
•Light weight, the specific gravity is 23% of the steel, basically does not increase the weight of the component, and does not change the section size of the component.


•Aircraft main, tail and body; automobile engines, synchronizers, hoods, bumpers, decorative parts, etc.; bicycle frames, wheels, faucets; rackets, silver basins; kayaks, snowboards; various models, helmets, and building reinforcements Reinforcement, watches, pens, luggage.Transportation: cars, buses, tankers, tanks, liquefied gas cylinders.

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Carbon fabric specification

Type Reinforcement Yarn Weave  Fiber Count(Wmm) Weight(g/m2) Thickness (mm) Width(cm)
Warp Yarn Weft Yam Warp Ends Weft Picks
SAD-1K-P 1K 1K (Plain) 9 9 120 0.16 100
SAD-1K-X 1K 1K (Twill) 9 9 120 0.16 100
SAD-1K-P 1K 1K (Plain) 10.5 10.5 140 0.17 100
SAD-1K-X 1K 1K (Twill) 10.5 10.5 140 0.17 100
SAD-3K-P 3K 3K (Plain) 5 5 200 0.30 100
SAD-3K-X 3K 3K (Twill) 5 5 200 0.30 100
SAD-3K-P 3K 3K (Plain) 6 6 240 0.32 100
SAD-3K-X 3K 3K (Twill) 6 6 240 0.32 100
SAD-3K-P 3K 3K (Plain) 7 7 280 0.34 100
SAD-3K-X 3K 3K (Twill) 7 7 280 0.34 100
SAD-6K-P 6K 6K (Plain) 4 4 320 0.38 100
SAD-6K-X 6K 6K (Twill) 4 4 320 0.38 100
SAD-6K-P 6K 6K (Plain) 5 5 400 0.42 100
SAD-6K-X 6K 6K (Twill) 5 5 400 0.42 100
SAD-12K-P 12K 12K (Plain) 2.5 2.5 400 0.46 100
SAD-12K-X 12K 12K Plain) 3 3 480 0.52 100
SAD-12K-P 12K 12K (Twill) 3 3 480 0.52 100
SAD-12K-X 12K 12K (TwiH) 4 4 640 0.64 100


·Carbon fiber fabric could be produced into different widths,each roll is wound on a suitable cardboard tubes with inside diameter of 100mm,then put into a polyethylene bag,
·Fastened the bag entrance and packed into a suitable cardboard box.Upon to customer's request,this product could be shipped either with carton packaging only or with packaging,
·In pallet packaging,the products could be horizontally put on the pallets and fastened with packing straps and shrink film.
· Shipping: by sea or by air
· Delivery Detail:15-20 days after receive the advance payment

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