Fiberglass Chopped Strands E-Glass Reinforcement for Concrete

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E-Glass Fiberglass Chopped strand was the main raw material for Gypsum Board, Concrete Reinforcement, Cement Reinforcement, and other Concrete/Gypsum Products. Fiberglass Chopped Strand is the new product for environmental protection property. It was widely used in the field of the Construction Industry.
Fiberglass Chopped Strand was treated by silane coupling agent, which makes it has excellent dispersity and composition with other inorganic materials and resin for actual use.

MOQ:10 tons

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•To prevent crack of GRC components
•Good Integrity and no static electricity
•Low Fuzz
•Excellent integrated with cement
•Good filament flexible and magnificent strands distribution cement
•Endued good physical and chemical properties for GRC
•Disperse Fast
•Low Dosages


Applying for Fiberglass Reinforced Cement/Concrete

Usage Instruction:

(1)Pre-mixed Fiberglass Chopped Strand

It has excellent properties with alkali resistance, stiffness, bundle–state, and aging–proof, Mixed for 20 minutes in cement at 50rpm, it can still keep a good bundle state, and it won’t be dispersed to the filament.


It is a high-integrity Glass Fiber Chopped Strands designed for use in the reinforcement of concrete, renders, and mortars. It may be added to conventional mixes either on site or by prepending with other dry mix components. The low–tex strands permit efficient reinforcement at low dosages. They are particularly suited to the modification of standard concrete mixes for floor screeds and slabs,and for the preparation of prebagged mixes of special mortars and renders.

(2) Water-dispersed Fiberglass Chopped Strands

E-glass Glassfiber Applied with water–dispersed size, the strands will disperse well to filaments in water in 10 seconds, and also disperse fast, usage amount less, enlarge strength.

It is typically used at a low level of addition to prevent cracking and improve the performance of ready mix concrete, floor screeds, renders or the special mortar can be used for surface crack–proof of GRC

--Mix your resin and hardener, or catalyst
--Next, add your Fiberglass Chopped Strands
--It is best to use a paint mixer on your power drill to ensure that all of the strands are properly saturated Thick layers and large pour areas can create excessive heat, so proceed with caution.


Fiberglass Chopped Strands should place under dryness conditions and shall no be open the covering membrane until applying


Dry powder materials can build up static charges, Proper precautions must be taken in the presence of flammable liquids


Fiberglass Chopped Strands can cause eye irritation, harmful if inhaled, may cause skin irritation, harmful if swallowed.Avoid contact with eyes, and contact with skin, Wear goggles and face shield when handing. Always wear an approved respirator. Use only with adequate ventilation. Keep away from heat. Spark and flame. Store handle and use in a manner that minimizes dust generation


In case of contact with skin, wash with warm water and soap. For eyes immediately flush with water for 15 minutes. If irritation continues seek medical attention. If inhaled, move to a fresh air environment. If you have breathing difficulties seek immediate medical attention


Container may be hazardous when empty—empty containers container product residue.

Key Technical Data:

CS Glass Type Chopped Length(mm) Diameter(um) MOL(%)
CS3         E-glass 3 7-13 10-20±0.2
CS4.5 E-glass 4.5 7-13 10-20±0.2
CS6 E-glass 6 7-13 10-20±0.2
CS9 E-glass 9 7-13 10-20±0.2
CS12 E-glass 12 7-13 10-20±0.2
CS25 E-glass 25 7-13 10-20±0.2
chopped strands
chopped strands
chopped strands
chopped strands
Fiberglass chopped strands

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