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1. PVC/FRP composite pipe and PP/FRP composite pipe

The PVC/FRP composite pipe is lined with rigid PVC pipe, the interface is treated with special physical and chemical treatment, and is coated with a transition layer of R adhesive with amphiphilic components of PVC and FRP. The pipe combines the corrosion resistance of PVC with the high strength and good temperature resistance of FRP, and expands the application scope of a single PVC pipe and FRP pipe. In oil industry, chemical industry, machinery, metallurgy, light industry, electric power, mining and many other industries, it can be regarded as a pipeline to solve the transportation of corrosive medium, and can replace stainless steel pipe. PP/FRP composite pipe is lined with PP pipe, the interface is chemically treated, high-strength fiber and synthetic resin are used as layers, and it is combined by mechanical winding. The pipe has the characteristics of PP’s corrosion resistance and FRP’s high specific strength and good temperature resistance, thus expanding the application scope of a single PP pipe, mainly used in food, medicine and other industries.

2. FRP process pipeline

FRP process pipes are mainly used in water conservancy, sewage, petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, medicine and other fields. They have the advantages of light weight, high strength, strong corrosion resistance, convenient installation and maintenance. The product has been successfully used all over the country.

3. FRP cable protection tube

FRP cable protection pipe is a kind of pipe formed by computer-controlled winding process or pultrusion process with resin as matrix and continuous glass fiber and its fabric as reinforcement material. It has the characteristics of high strength, good toughness, electrical insulation, flame retardant, good heat resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life, etc. FRP cable protection tube is suitable for cables buried in the ground as protection tubes, and also used in high-demand occasions such as cables crossing bridges and rivers. Using the matching

professional pipe pillow combination, it can form a multi-layer and multi-column multi-conduit pipe arrangement.

rdg (1) fiber reinforced plastic pressure pipeline

FRP pressure pipes have good mechanical and physical properties, light weight, high strength and easy installation. In addition, it has good anti-corrosion performance and long service life, which is 4-5 times that of steel pipe; good high temperature resistance, normal working temperature can reach 100 ° C; The inner wall is very smooth, the fluidity of the medium is good, no scaling, no wax formation, and the operation and maintenance costs of the pipeline are reduced. Good insulation, no secondary pollution.

5. FRP flue

my country’s environmental protection requirements are becoming more and more stringent, wet flue gas desulfurization technology has been widely used, and most of the new units have adopted wet flue gas desulfurization technology. The wide application of the wet flue gas desulfurization process, its high desulfurization efficiency greatly reduces the sulfur dioxide content in the flue gas emitted by the power plant, making it possible to adopt the smoke tower integration technology.

6. glass fiber reinforced plastic sand pipeline

FRP sand-filled pipes have good corrosion resistance and long service life, and can resist long-term erosion by various acids, alkalis, salts, organic solvents, seawater, sewage and other chemical media. Pipes with different properties can be selected according to different media types and operating temperatures; they have excellent mechanical properties. Because resin mortar is added to the middle layer of the pipe wall, the rigidity of the pipe is greatly improved, and it is suitable for laying in various soil environments and seabed; the hydraulic performance is excellent. The inner surface of the FRP pipeline is very smooth and the friction resistance is small (n≤0.0084), which can significantly reduce the pressure loss along the way and increase the flow rate. Under the same flow rate, a smaller pipe diameter or a smaller power delivery pump can be used. Thereby reducing the initial investment of the project, saving energy consumption (reducing operating costs); good designability, wide range of adaptation, can be adapted to different working pressure, medium, stiffness (or buried) by changing the material selection, winding angle and layer design depth) requirements, so as to make FRP pipes with different pressure levels and special properties; anti-fouling, non-toxic. The smooth inner wall does not scale, does not breed microorganisms such as algae, and has no secondary pollution to the water quality. The pipes made of food-grade resin can be used to transport drinking.

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