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The production process of carbon fiber from carbon fiber precursor to real carbon fiber.


The detailed process of carbon fiber from the raw silk production process to the finished product is that the PAN raw silk is produced by the previous raw silk production process. After pre-drawing by the wet heat of the wire feeder, it is sequentially transferred to the pre-oxidation furnace by the drawing machine. After the different gradient temperatures of the pre-oxidation furnace group are baked, oxidized fibers are formed, that is, pre-oxidized fibers; the pre-oxidized fibers are formed into carbon fibers after passing through medium-temperature and high-temperature carbonization furnaces; the carbon fibers are then subjected to final surface treatment, sizing, drying and other processes to obtain carbon fibers. finished product.

Carbon Fiber Fabric 6k 3k Custom


Carbon fiber performance characteristics:

High strength: the tensile strength is above 3500MPa

High modulus: elastic modulus above 230GPa

Low density: the density is 1/4 of the rigidity and 1/2 of the aluminum alloy

High specific strength: the specific strength is 16 times greater than that of steel and 12 times greater than that of aluminum alloys

Ultra-high temperature resistance: in non-oxidizing atmosphere, it can be used at 2000 °C, and it will not melt and soften at high temperature of 3000 °C

Low temperature resistance: At a low temperature of -180 °C, steel becomes brittle than glass, while carbon fiber is still elastic Acid resistance, oil resistance and corrosion resistance: It can resist the erosion of concentrated hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid and other media, and its corrosion resistance exceeds that of gold and platinum, and it has better oil resistance and corrosion resistance.

Small thermal expansion coefficient, large thermal conductivity: it can withstand rapid cooling and rapid heating, even if it suddenly drops from a high temperature of 3000 ° C to room temperature, it will not burst.

Carbon fiber is so powerful. Although carbon fiber is still a bit expensive, it is not so expensive anymore, and it has gradually entered the homes of ordinary people.

Application of carbon fiber:

auto industry

shipping ship


Freight warehousing

construction works

Sports Equipment

medical instruments

smart equipment

Consumer Electronics


Originally, carbon fiber had three brothers: viscose-based, PAN-based and pitch-based. Later, PAN-based carbon fiber stood out and became the main force of carbon fiber.

Let’s take a look at how PAN carbon fiber came from.

From a drop of oil buried deep in the ground is dug out, to refining, cracking, synthesis, and then to a wire, and then through pre-oxidation and high-temperature carbonization, we can get the carbon fiber we see…

Carbon fiber must go through a high temperature of more than 1500 ° C, and a step closer to 3000 ° C can get more rigid performance!

In addition, if carbon fiber is to do well, it has to go through more than 20 processes and more than 1800 control points.


And the application of carbon fiber:

(1) Hand lay-up molding process – wet lay-up molding method

(2) Injection molding process

(3) Resin transfer molding technology (RTM technology)

(4) Bag press method (pressure bag method) molding

(5) Vacuum bag forming

(6) Autoclave forming technology

(7) Hydraulic still method forming technology

(8) Thermal expansion molding technology

(9) Sandwich structure forming technology

(10) Molding material production process

(11) ZMC molding material production process

(12) Compression molding process

(13) Laminate production technology

(14) Coiled tube forming technology

(15) Forming technology of filament winding products

(16) Continuous panel production process

(17) Casting molding technology

(18) Pultrusion process

(19) Continuous winding pipe making process

(20) Fabrication technology of woven composite materials

(21) Thermoplastic sheet molding compound manufacturing technology and cold die stamping molding process

(22) Injection molding process

(23) Extrusion molding process

(24) Centrifugal casting tube forming process

(25) Other molding technologies


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