E-Glass Fiberglass Multiaxial Fabric

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Fiberglass Multiaxial Fabric include Uni-Directional,Biaxial,Triaxial and Quadraxial Fabrics.The entire Partial warp.weft and double bias plies are stitched into a single fabric.With ou filament crimp in woven roving,the Multiaxial fabrics are in advantage of high strength,excellent stiffness,low weight and thickness,as well as the improved fabric surface quality. The fabrics can be combined with chopped strand mat or tissue or nonwoven materials.

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• High strength: Fiberglass multiaxial fabric can withstand high loads and provide structural integrity.
• Reinforcement: This fabric adds stiffness and enhances the mechanical properties of the final product.
• Multidirectional fiber orientation: The fabric enables strength in multiple directions, providing enhanced load-bearing capabilities.
• Easy handling and layup: Fiberglass multiaxial fabric is easy to handle and layup due to its flexible nature.
• Improved impact resistance: The multidirectional reinforcement of fiberglass multiaxial fabric helps improve impact resistance compared to unidirectional materials.
• Thermal stability: Fiberglass multiaxial fabric can maintain its integrity and performance under high-temperature conditions.


Item Description
Uni-Directional Fabric ( 0° or 90°) Weight range from around 4 oz/yd² (about 135 g/m²) and go up to 20 oz/yd² (about 678 g/m²) or more.
Biaxial Fabric (0°/90° or ±45°) Weight range from around 16 oz/yd² (about 542 g/m²) to 32 oz/yd² (about 1086 g/m²) or even higher
Triaxial Fabric (0°/+45°/-45°) / (+45°/+90°/-45°) Weight range from can start at around 20 oz/yd² (about 678 g/m²) and go up to 40 oz/yd² (about 1356 g/m²) or more.
Quadraxial Fabric  (0°/+45°/90°/-45°) Quadraxial fabric consists of four layers of fibers oriented at different angles (often 0°, 90°, +45°, and -45°) to provide strength and stiffness in multiple directions.Range from 20 oz/yd² (about 678 g/m²) and go up to 40 oz/yd² (about 1356 g/m²) or more.


Remark: Above are standard specifications, other customized specifications to be discussed.



Hand lay-up,filament winding, pultrusion, continuous laminating as well asclosed moulds. Typical applications are found in boat building,transportation, anticorrosion, plane and automotive parts, furniture and sports facilities.





Woven Roving products must be stored in a cool, dry area. The recommended temperature is between 10 and 35 °C, and the relative humidity between 35 and 75 %. If the product is stored at low temperature (below 15 °C), it is recommended to condition the material in a workshop at least 24 hours before use.


Pallet Packaging

Pacaked in woven boxes/bags

Pallet size:960×1300


If the storage temperature is less than 15°C, it would be advisable to put the pallets in the processing area for 24 hours before use. This is to avoid condensation. It is recommended that products be consumed using a first in, first out method within 12 months of delivery

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