Fiberglass Surface Mat E-glass

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Fiberglass surface mat:  The unique production process of fiberglass surface mat determines that the surface fiber has the characteristics of flatness, uniform dispersion, good hand feeling, and strong air permeability.
The surface mat has the characteristics of fast resin infiltration. The surface mat is used in fiberglass reinforced plastic products, and its good air permeability enables the resin to penetrate quickly, completely eliminates bubbles and white stains, and its good moldability is suitable for any complex shape. , Can cover up the cloth texture, improve the surface finish and anti-leakage performance, at the same time enhance the interlaminar shear strength and surface roughness, and improve the corrosion resistance and weather resistance of the product is a necessity for manufacturing high-quality FRP molds and products. The product is suitable for FRP hand lay-up molding, winding molding, pultrusion profiles, continuous flat plates, vacuum adsorption molding, and other processes.

MOQ:10 tons

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•General Fiberglass Mat
•High-temperature resistance and anti-corrosion resistance
•High tensile strength with good processability
•Good bond strength

Our fiberglass mats are of several types: fiberglass surface mats,  fiberglass chopped strand mats, and continuous fiberglass mats. The chopped strand mat is divided into emulsion and powder glass fiber mats.


• Large-size FRP products, with relatively big R angles: shipbuilding, water tower, storage tanks
•panels, tanks, boats, pipes, cooling towers, automobile interior ceiling, complete set of sanitary equipment, etc

Fiber Glass Surface Mat

Quality Index

Test Item

Criterion According



Test Result


Combustible matter content

ISO 1887




Up to standard

Water Content

ISO 3344




Up to standard

Mass per unit area

ISO 3374




Up to standard

Bending strength

G/T 17470


Standard ≧123

Wet ≧103

Test Condition

Ambient Temperature


Ambient Humidity(%)       57


• Good uniform thickness, softness, and hardness
• Good compatibility with resin, easy completely wet-out
• Fast and consistent wet-out speed in resins and good manufacturability
• Good mechanical properties, easy cutting
• Good cover mold, suitable for modeling complex shapes

We have many types of fiberglass rovingpanel rovingspray up rovingSMC rovingdirect roving,c glass roving, and fiberglass roving for chopping.


· One roll packed in one polybag, then packed in one paper carton, then pallet packing. 33kg/roll is the standard single-roll net weight.
· Shipping: by sea or by air
·Delivery Detail:15-20 days after receiving the advance payment

Looking for a reliable and strong material for your construction projects? Look no further than Fiber Glass Surface Mat. Made from high-quality fiberglass strands, this surface mat offers exceptional strength and durability. It is commonly used in various industries, including automotive, marine, and construction, for its excellent reinforcement properties. Fiber Glass Surface Mat is highly resistant to chemicals, water, and corrosion, making it ideal for applications that require durability and longevity. With its easy application and superior adhesion to different surfaces, Fiber Glass Surface Mat provides an excellent solution for your strengthening and protection needs. Choose Fiber Glass Surface Mat for reliable and long-lasting results. Contact us today to learn more about our Fiber Glass Surface Mat options.

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