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Fire blanketsfire retardant blankets, and escape blankets, are fabrics that have been specially woven from materials such as fiberglass to provide a function of isolating heat and flame. Fight the oil pan fire or cover it to escape. The fire blanket is a very soft firefighting implement. It has the characteristics of fireproof and heat insulation. In the initial stage of the fire, the fire can be extinguished at the fastest speed to control the spread of the disaster. It can also be used as a protective item for a timely escape. As long as the blanket is wrapped around the body, the human body can be well protected.

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Using Instruction

•Place the product on the wall at an easily noticed and reached location or inside a drawer.

•When a fire accident occurs, quickly take the blanket out by pulling the 2 black tapes.

•Open up the blanket and hold it in your hand as if you are holding a shield.

•Use the blanket to cover up the fire lightly and at the same time, switch off heat or gas.

•Leave until cooled

•In case the clothes of a person are on fire, please force the victim to the ground and wrap him/her tightly with a fire blanket, calling for medical aid immediately.

Unlimited shelf life: as long as the fire blanket is not broken, it can be reused all the time.

Wide range of applications: suitable for large shopping malls, hotels, homes, cars, kitchens

Glass fiber products can withstand high temperatures of 550 degrees. It can effectively isolate the fire

Why Choose US

  • Professional Production, Quality Guaranteed,
  • Superior Material,  Better in Fire Extinguish.
  • Fine Handcarft.
  • Competitive Price.
  • Good Service, Quality Assurance.

In addition to fiberglass fireproof cloth, we can also customize other fiberglass cloth, as well as produce various specifications of fiberglass woven roving and fiberglass multiaxial fabric.

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Fire Blanket

Product Emergency Fiberglass Fire Blanket
Material 100% fiberglass fabric, fiberglass thread, fire retanrdant tapes
Thickness 0.43mm or customize
Rugular size 1.0*1.0m, 1.2m*1.2m, 1.2m*1.8m, 1.8m*1.8m, 1.5*1.5m or customize
fire blanket in rolls: 1m*50m, 1m*30m or customize
High temperature resistance Above 550 Celsius degree
Area weight 430g/m2 or customize
Package PVC soft bag or rigid PVC box
Certificate or report EN1869:1997, BSEN1869:1997, ASTM F 1989, AS/NZS 3504:2006, MSDS
Feature 1. Non-asbestos.2. No itching.3. In case of fire, it can increase the chance of escape with it.

4. It mades of 100% fiberglass cloth,

5. We strictly implement it in accordance with industry standards.

6. From weaving to sewing, all things are finish by ourselves, so the delivery time is controlled.


Important Notes:

1. Firmly fix the product in an easily noticed and easily reached location (e.g. back of the entrance door, inside the cabinet of your bed head, inside the cabinet of your kitchen, trunk of your car, etc.).

2. Inspect the product every 12 months.

3. In case of any damages or dirt observed on the product, please replace it immediately.

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